Massimo Sammarco was born on 17 June 1974 in Acerra.

After several changes, on 1981 his family moved to Rome. He was the last of six children and just like his family, he moved to Rome in 1980/81 unlike his two elder sisters who already have been living in Rome since the early 70’s. The move took place in 1980-81 for almost the whole family, except the father, who reasons didn’t follow them immediately for business. In Rome the child got in touch with an amateur artist who thought he had a great talent for the mix of colors procedure; he encouraged him to continue on the path of painting. The old artist, Corebbo Sciarra, who at the time was about 83 years old, got close the circle of his family friendships as the godfather of a mutual friend. The elderly painter, a widower for years, during his afternoon coffee with his mother Annunziata Vilma, thanks to his close friendship, guided him by teaching Massimo how to make the early still life oil painting. The first chronological work dates back to 1982: it was titled “L’INNOCENZA” because of his young age at the time of its realization.

When he was 25 years old, the presence of this friendly childhood figure leads the young artist to the desire for art. As he was walking by the imperial fora he felt a strong call to deepen his studies and he decided to take them up again. He enrolled in 2001 at the Cinecittà State Art High School. In fact, he left his studies to work as an apprentice in various shops in the heart of ROME as a hairdresser, and the 1999 London stay was crucial as he attended the applied arts course. In 2007 he began his career as a RAI documenter for the tg1 editorial board. He graduated in 2005 and immediately enrolled in the scenography studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, which he is now finishing with a third course of studies at the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa.