Accadde tutto all’alba

Illuminating art The work was created on the day of the resurrection, on a peaceful Easter morning. I was in an unknown house.  I was there casually, brought by friends. Early in the morning when my senses were still in a nebulous phase between waking and sleep, I was moved by a powerful vibration that […]

High school works

A nascent life The work was created in 2002 when I started to experiment with color during high scool. I experimented how to superimpose acrylic color and how to search for a personal language that could seem casual but gave voice to its unconscious language. The work represents four beams of light, from the smallest […]

Nettezza Urbana

The drawing on the artist chair recalls one of the most important roman squares both on an artistic and historical level. It is made in 1:50. The iron structure of the scenographic installation is made following typical renaissance standards. The purpose of the realization of a square sited in the heart of rome is to […]


This work is called ”l’innocenza” (innocence) because of my young age when i created it. The graphic of the grapes isn’t well defined, you can see a great attention for the study of color; at that time i was tutored by Corebbo Sciarra, an old roman artist that studied the technique of oil painting with […]