Illuminating art

The work was created on the day of the resurrection, on a peaceful Easter morning.
I was in an unknown house.  I was there casually, brought by friends. Early in the morning when my senses were still in a nebulous phase between waking and sleep, I was moved by a powerful vibration that brought me to another dimension, which was not earthly nor dreamlike, but heavenly and spiritual. The same dimension that will be an inspiration for this and other works. When I woke up I saw around me works of arts, objects of the past that recall different feelings, strange, known but not yet fully present in the conscience. Thus began the interaction with my illuminating reality.

It’s a journey of liberation from the past – from its constraints and from the mental limits – that began long ago with a process of psycho-physical rebalancing, guided in a process of reconquering one’s own self and that creative force that is present in each of us. With the approach to “Subliminal Psychology” I was able to release my emotions, rebalance my energy structure and rediscover that vital energy that was hidden and blocked in my Unconscious. I came into deep contact with the most intimate and true dimension of my inner self and I was able to recompose the puzzle of my life, rediscovering its meaning and its true value.A reawakening of the consciousness that I feel pulsating and living in me as a kinetic force that runs through my whole physical body and spreads in the “thought of the moment”. The thought that – thanks to an integration with the energy of the heart that prevails in me – gives life to the creation, to the materialization, to the expression of my deepest Self in the works.

Symbols meaning

In the upper part, the triangle and the square remind us the Trivium and Quadrivium Arts which date back to IV-V AD (Roman Age)  and, for the trivium, in the medieval – humanistic period, the bases of the knowledge of the literary – philosophical arts. For the quadrivium, the scientific arts. In the square the number three is repeated three times, symbolizing the Trinity which – being composed of four sides – is connected to the quadrivium, where there is the study of science, astronomy, mathematics and arithmetic.

The work wants to bring the contemporary man to the complete fullness and integrity of body-mind-soul.

The graphic motif of the bed is inspired by that specific time in the morning when we open up to perceptions and sensations that go beyond the physical senses, in an intimate connection between the earthly world and the spirit world.

I represent with the orange color the focal point in which the vibrational energy from above passes through the main chakras present in the energetic body of man, and reaches the sacral point.