A nascent life

The work was created in 2002 when I started to experiment with color during high scool. I experimented how to superimpose acrylic color and how to search for a personal language that could seem casual but gave voice to its unconscious language. The work represents four beams of light, from the smallest down to the left to the central one more evident, on which the figures of the three angels rest: the first is placed before the light, while the others, in their fetal position, symbolize the birth of the search for one’s own art.

The Prelude of New Life

The work was made in 2002, during the high school period. It’ s a further experiment on the angelic figure with gray and white watercolor materials, where the author studies the movement created by the drapery. The choice of the fetal position is a reference to an inner renewal wanted by the student motivating his path of study in art.